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On 14th July, Bob Clunas's fifie 'Marean' had the great honour of carrying the Cellardyke Sea Queen at the 70th Anniversary of the first Sea Queen Ceremony, with the crowning of the new Sea Queen, Katie Morris. Starting at Anstruther harbourside, the Sea Queen sent a fleet of historic boats off to Cellardyke Harbour, this was followed by a procession along the streets meeting lots of characters from the town's past, to Cellardyke where the Queen was crowned.



Bob classic 'fifie', Marean, is back from her extensive tour of Cromarty and northern ports, fortunately without any technical snags. She's currently flying the Orkney flag -- The colours red and yellow are from the Scottish and Norwegian royal coats of arms, which both use red and yellow, with a lion rampant. The flag symbolises the islands' Scottish and Norwegian heritages. The blue is taken from the flag of Scotland and also represents the sea and the maritime history of the islands.



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