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It is with the greatest sadness that we have to note the recent death of Thelma Band on 6th. June 2018.

Thelma Band joined Dunbar Harbour Trust as a Director and Trustee in December 2011. She was highly active as Vice Chair of the Trust and leaves behind a lasting legacy. For five years she produced the monthly newsletter without fail, providing a lasting archive of the history of Dunbar Harbour over these years; she was the custodian of the Harbour Trust’s website, always ensuring that the information it contained was relevant and current; she led the Trust’s Mooring Committee and worked in so many other ways to support the smooth running of the harbour; she was a former Commodore of the Sailing Club; her many interests outside the harbour included the Dunbar Rotary Club and work at the Food Bank.

Perhaps Thelma will be best remembered about the harbour as the visionary who created and delivered the harbour festival known as “Sparkling Dunbar”.

This has always been free of charge to the general public through the fund raising effort that Thelma put into the project each year.

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