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East Lothian Council hereby give notice that act the following restrictions will be introduced:
Parking Suspension on Victoria Street on both sides for approximately 30m West of Lamer Street.
Parking Suspension on Lamer Street on both sides for approximately 25m South of Victoria Street.
Monday 1st June ------- Monday 27th July 2020

see photo above from the East Lothian Council

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Friday 29th, the day after the Scottish Govt announced that most non-contact sports may resume, there was a queue of anglers, SUPs, kayaks etc...
All maintaining the rules and happy to be back on the healthy water at last. Quote: "Nae bugger oot there tae contaminate ye!"

Next Month ......

Looking Forward:
Next month we'll have an 'in depth' interview with a 'weel kent' boatman:---
Noll Togneri, as he remembers the outdoor swimming-pool in its heyday, with his characteristic ducking and diving.
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May's quiz; Where is this above inscription? "ORDNANCE SURVEY 1913"

Click <<READ MORE>> for the answer.

Next month we'll have an article on 'projected sea levels' around Scotland

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"Spring is sprung, 🎶
The grass is riz, 🎶
I wonder where the birdies is...." 🎶 

A shag under the bridge, with his mating crest. Hint: the harbour is the wrong place to look for a mate. Head out to the Scart Rock disco-dance.

Photos by Kenny Maule

All the mature gulls are also 'getting it together'. First ask Aunty to avert her eyes then click <<READ MORE>> below for the gulls.

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Fatal: man overboard from the creel boat Sea Mist (BF918) Macduff, Scotland. 27 March 2019 

The skipper/owner of the single-handed creel boat Sea Mist (BF918) became entangled in the back rope while shooting creels, and was pulled overboard. No-one witnessed the accident however, the skipper’s son, who was nearby on his own fishing vessel, saw Sea Mist circling and raised the alarm The son discovered one of his father’s boots entangled in a back rope. Sea Mist’s skipper had attempted to cut himself free. He was not wearing a lifejacket at the time. Following a sea- and air-search, he was recovered deceased from the water. 

There have been 33 recorded fatalities on UK creel boats/potting vessels since the beginning of 2007, 20 of which were a result of either falling or being dragged overboard with the gear. 

Safety lessons 

  •  A physical barrier between him and the back rope could have prevented this accident. 
  •  He was working alone on deck without a lifejacket or personal locator beacon. 
  •  He had carried out some sensible safety precautions: he was carrying a knife, unfortunately his attempt to cut himself free was not successful.

Full Marine Accident Investigation reports: www.gov.uk/maib

Photo from the full report

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Every year boats from Cove are craned in at Dunbar (ever tried carrying a boat on your back down Cove's footpath?)

Of course they block the bridge road but only for 10 minutes --- they're pretty effficient.

This is Poo II -- what does 'poo' mean?  --- it's Cove & St. Abbs lingo for crab.

Photos 1 & 2 by Kenny Maule.     Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2.

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Harbour Master Quentin has been keen to work with the Coastal Communities Network (CCN) to share ideas and to explore potential for collaboration and now Quentin has been invited to bring Dunbar Harbour ‘to the table’.

"The CCN is guided by the belief that coastal communities across Scotland are well placed to harness long-term solutions to ensure healthy, well-managed seas.    https://www.communitiesforseas.scot/about-the-network/

Scotland’s dynamic and complex shoreline attests to richly-biodiverse ecosystems below the waves. The species and habitats found in our inshore waters underpin the ecological integrity of marine habitats and the economic prosperity of nearby coastal communities. With the escalation of threats and impacts within our inshore waters, managing our seas for environmental and economic sustainability is no easy task."

Photo by Kenny Maule

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Dunbar RNLI Lifeboat gave a V.E. Day tribute on May 8th, with cars flashing lights and tooting horns on the North Wall.

A number of volunteers met at the Harbour to commemorate the 75-year Anniversary of VE Day.
Said the RNLI: "Short of being able to sound our ship's horn, the crew followed social-distancing by sounding their car horns in solidarity with Royal Navy fleet and other vessels taking part in the #ShineALight campaign."
Did you see in the evening at 10pm., several participating vessels shone their spotlights into the night sky?

Photo by Kenny Maule

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Hydrographic Survey, Updating Nautical Charts Bass Rock to St Abbs Head

Notice to Mariners:

  •  Vessel: MV Lode 
  • Call sign: MAMC8.
  • Their contacts for fishing boats:VHF channel: 16 Phone: +44 7535 773198
  • Any enquiries to: Fisheries Liaison Officer Tom Watson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile: +44 7903 173 624

"The vessel Lode will perform multibeam surveys in the area Bass Rock to St Abbs Head. Please be advised that the vessel will have limited maneuverability. There will be no towed equipment. Only hull-mounted. The survey will be performed between 23rd May and 29th June. The aim is to update nautical charts and is performed on behalf of UKHO/MCA. "

Photo 1 MV Lode

Photo 2, the survey area. Click <<READ MORE>> to see.

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RAF Typhoons (Eurofighters) were deployed from a base in Lossiemouth, as two Russian Tu-142 "Bear-F" aircraft approached from the north-east of Scotland on Wednesday April 27th. The Russians stayed fractionally inside international airspace over the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea, but were flying in the UK's ‘area of interest’. Norwegian F-16s and F-35 jets, and a Nato E-3A were also deployed. "Today's scramble demonstrated the close working relationships we have with our Nato colleagues," said an RAF pilot, who was not identified.

The inflight-refuelling aircraft (Airbus Voyager KC3)  were refuelling the fighters while 'on station', before heading back, passing directly over Dunbar.

You can monitor (some identified) air-traffic on   www.adsbexchange.com

Photo 1  from the BBC website,

Photo 2  from www.adsbexchange.com  click <<READ MORE>> to see.

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