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The Volunteer Inn, haunt of many a shady character.

A night shot, snapped whilst Level 2 was in force. Please remember that “mine’s a pint of Belhaven Best” when Nicola releases us again.

Photo by Kenny Maule.

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From the RNLI: “Here’s our volunteer and fitness instructor Becs putting some of the crew through their paces ahead of our Reindeer Run to raise much needed funds for the RNLI. We’ll be running a minimum of 10k in our full protective gear - waterproofs, wellies, life jackets and the all-important antlers! The funds raised through Reindeer Run will be the best Christmas present RNLI lifeboat volunteers and our families could receive. When you donate you become a lifesaver and a vital part of the crew. Please follow the link below and if you can help us reach our target. After all, it’s for a good Claus! "


The run is complete but you can still contribuet!

Photo from the RNLI. 

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Photo above is the harbour’s most-Christmassy house. Take a bow, Eric and Jane.

The Annual Harbour Users Meeting was held over Zoom. Everyone connected with the harbour was invited: fishermen, leisure users, clubs, Newsletter readers and the Shore Group. We started with an introduction by Alasdair Swan thanking everyone for attending, a summing-up by Kenny Maule of the Trust’s achievements during the 3 years 2018-20, and afterwards Users’ questions were taken, being answered by the relevant Director. 

Many thanks to all who attended, for your opinions and input. 

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."       οŽ… οŽ„

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Beautiful shot of Tangaroa positioning for the maintenance bay, with a swirling eddy behind. That's a water eddy not the owner, Eddie.

In the Maori language, ‘Tangaroa’ means ‘God of the Sea’---  and lakes, rivers, and creatures that live within them, especially fish: a boat very aptly named.

Photo 1 by Kenny Maule. 

Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2:  A superb Full Moon on Dec. 1st, at the Battery (by Owen MacDonald) 

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Harbour Master Quentin has completed setting up Dunbar Harbour Trust as a Marine Traffic AIS land station as part of an enhancement to the Harbour Trust’s safety plan. Previously there was a ‘blank spot’ ie: no upload onto the web of any AIS data from the harbour and surrounding area. This is a safety improvement for harbour users, allowing the RNLI station to locate vessels' positions in the area quicker and to relay that information when necessary. 

Quentin has added the AIS Land Station link to a menu item under Port Operations on the Trust’s website. Link below (not much happening until after the holiday season)  https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-2.513/centery:56.004/zoom:13 

You can play with the left-side menus for layers  eg: 

  • The 'Projected Course' for showing boats’ directions.
  • Satellite, dark map, simple map etc. 
  • Create a ‘fleet’ of the boats you most wish to monitor, 
  • Search for a boat.
  • Hover your mouse icon over a boat to see its speed/destination. 
  • Click the boat to see photos and information

Photos by Kenny Maule.  Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2, Quentin atop his 'castle', setting up the aerial.

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Barry Brunton says  “LADIES & GENTLEMEN!..... Do we have NEWS for you?  The ‘Lynsey B’ can now legally fish! Yes … after all this time, we have finally completed the final hurdle, and got the licence attached to the boat! When you look back to where we were a year ago you can see a huge difference...not bad going for one man 😜......and hopefully we are on track for our spring 2021 launch”.

Will Princess Anne do the honours with a bottle of champagne? One thing’s for sure, we’ll all be there to cheer you on Barry. Don’t forget the bung!

Watch Barry’s videos of the build. Please SUBSCRIBE to keep up-to-date.



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About 40 to 55km off Dunbar's coastline, SSE Renewables are planning to construct Berwick Bank and Marr Bank wind developments which could deliver 3.2GW, making them Scotland’s largest offshore wind farms, even bigger than the NnG project currently under construction 30 km off Torness.

SSE Renewables, headquartered in Perth, is a leading developer and operator of renewable energy. Berwick Bank and Marr Bank offshore wind farms could bring opportunities for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of disciplines and SSE are aiming to utilise as many local, Scottish and UK based suppliers.. The turbines should just be visible, peeking over horizon when viewed from Dunbar (good eyesight and binos recommended!).

The SSE public consultation runs until 7th Dec. Any questions? Contacts and FAQs: Berwick Bank and Marr Bank  ---- Photo from SSE's website.

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Rhona says: "Exciting news... the Toastie Van will be opening on Friday the 18th of December until Sunday the 10th January. Our hours of opening will be 11.30 until 3 (ish). We will be closed Christmas Day but open Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

We are open for collection of pre-ordered chocolate novelties and will have a range of homemade chocolates and shortbread on sale. For more details check out our Facebook page '1296 Cocoa Van' aka the 'Toastie Van'. Our Christmas menu will include all our usual hot rolls and toasties and our festive specials including - pigs in blankets, crispy chicken fillets and hot steak-and-onion rolls. 

We have new hot-chocolate drinks including, white, dark and double chocolate as well as our own homemade non-alcoholic mulled wine. I would also hope to have the Toastie van festively decorated both outside and in, offering a jolly atmosphere to our beautiful harbour."

We’d love to see you. Have a Covid safe Christmas and a fantastic 2021."

πŸŽ„πŸŽ… Tasty, Toastie Christmas ..... πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

Photo above, Rhona's samples,  click <<READ MORE>> for Harbour Hounds: dog-friendly choccies.

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πŸŽ„πŸŽ„Christmas Eve 16:00- 18:00 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

At Dunbar Harbour by booking only. For £6.00 per child they can have their photo taken with Santa, have a gift and a small ice cream. Half the money will be going to a charity in Dunbar.  πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸ“ΈπŸ¦πŸ«πŸŽ„β›„οΈβ„οΈ


SnoCream Ices: ‘Book at: www.Facebook.com/snocreamices or call 07757 122663

Photo above by by Kenny Maule.  Click <<READ MORE>> for photo of Santa, by SnoCream Ices

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A message from the Forth District Salmon and Fishery Board:- "The 31st October 2020 marks the end of the salmon and sea-trout fishing season around the Forth. The season will reopen on the 1st February 2021. Fishing for migratory species after the 31st October is a criminal offence and Board bailiffs will be patrolling rivers throughout the Forth. We cannot be everywhere at all times so if you spot someone fishing for salmon or sea-trout in a river around the Forth during the closed season, please contact the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board bailiffs and/or the police."  

Contact details:-   Lee Fisher, Superintendent Bailiff – 07887 835549, Police Scotland – 101, River Tyne/Esk Bailiffs – 07736 466725 Please report as much information as possible when calling in. The below is a guide as to some of the information which might be useful:

  • Location (grid reference if possible)
  • Time and date of incident
  • Any observations
  • What have you seen them do
  • Description of individual
  • License plate
  • Anything else you might think useful or worth noting
  • Any pictures or video taken of the incident

Photo: Fishery Board's logo

Have any questions? Give us a call 01368 865 404