Dr Arran Johnston & Captain Fletcher shown above, were commemorating the events of the 14th November 1745 when HMS Fox foundered in full view of Dunbar. HMS Fox was a 24-gun sixth-rate vessel launched in 1740 and ran aground in Belhaven Bay on November 14, 1745, just two months after those onboard had fought in the Battle of Prestonpans. Only nine sailors survived, with as many as 200 believed to have perished in the sea.

Arran Johnston stated: "It is always interesting to hear more about the maritime part of the '45 and events that happened at sea. As much as the battles on land, the events that happened at sea, battles, ships being captured or lost by the weather, were as critical for the final outcome. It is therefore important to remember the loss of those men from all sides who perished at sea during the Jacobite uprising and pay respect to their memory."

Arran Johnston & Captain Fletcher of Alan Breck’s Regiment performed a short ceremony and cast a memorial wreath into the sea from below Dunbar Battery. See video: https://www.facebook.com/Prestonpans1745/videos/1096224840814479

Events are normally publicised on the Battery website, however sometimes private events (eg: during Covid-times) are not-publicised, for obvious reasons.

Photo by Kenny Maule 

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