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Both Anstruther lifeboats were recently tasked by the Coastguard after a call was made by someone in Anstruther who spotted a windsurfer in difficulty south of the May Island. The eagle-eyed caller saw him whilst looking through a telescope from home in Anstruther.

After a short search, the windsurfer was located 10 miles from Anstruther and still a further 6 miles from his destination of Dunbar. The decision was made to take him to the safety of the closer Dunbar harbour which launched the ILB to assist with the entry into a narrow and blustery harbour mouth. The crews even managed to retrieve the windsurf-board!

Anstruther's Shelley Watson said: "We would like to praise the efforts of the caller who not only spotted the windsurfer in difficulty but dialled 999 and asked for the Coastguard."

Photos by Kenny Maule, Click <<READ MORE>> for photo 2, offshore rendezvous as darkness approaches.


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