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Fatal: man overboard from the creel boat Sea Mist (BF918) Macduff, Scotland. 27 March 2019 

The skipper/owner of the single-handed creel boat Sea Mist (BF918) became entangled in the back rope while shooting creels, and was pulled overboard. No-one witnessed the accident however, the skipper’s son, who was nearby on his own fishing vessel, saw Sea Mist circling and raised the alarm The son discovered one of his father’s boots entangled in a back rope. Sea Mist’s skipper had attempted to cut himself free. He was not wearing a lifejacket at the time. Following a sea- and air-search, he was recovered deceased from the water. 

There have been 33 recorded fatalities on UK creel boats/potting vessels since the beginning of 2007, 20 of which were a result of either falling or being dragged overboard with the gear. 

Safety lessons 

  •  A physical barrier between him and the back rope could have prevented this accident. 
  •  He was working alone on deck without a lifejacket or personal locator beacon. 
  •  He had carried out some sensible safety precautions: he was carrying a knife, unfortunately his attempt to cut himself free was not successful.

Full Marine Accident Investigation reports: www.gov.uk/maib

Photo from the full report

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