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Hydrographic Survey, Updating Nautical Charts Bass Rock to St Abbs Head

Notice to Mariners:

  •  Vessel: MV Lode 
  • Call sign: MAMC8.
  • Their contacts for fishing boats:VHF channel: 16 Phone: +44 7535 773198
  • Any enquiries to: Fisheries Liaison Officer Tom Watson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile: +44 7903 173 624

"The vessel Lode will perform multibeam surveys in the area Bass Rock to St Abbs Head. Please be advised that the vessel will have limited maneuverability. There will be no towed equipment. Only hull-mounted. The survey will be performed between 23rd May and 29th June. The aim is to update nautical charts and is performed on behalf of UKHO/MCA. "

Photo 1 MV Lode

Photo 2, the survey area. Click <<READ MORE>> to see.


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