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If it’s true people need friends, so do buildings

Historic buildings need an enormous amount of care and maintenance and are a symbol of our heritage They also need champions, people to encourage their use, and promote their existence They are often cared for and managed by volunteers. They receive no government funding and rely heavily on voluntary donations

We need a Friends group to support the Battery Friends are people who want to get involved. This can be a very rewarding task as it lets you to talk about why the Battery is important to you and your community.

People are out there, and many of you would lend a hand or share your skills help secure and protect what we see as our heritage. There are so many skills that exist in our community anything from organising fundraising events or filling in funding applications

The enthusiasm, commitment and local knowledge within our community is invaluable      We would like to involve new people with a range of useful skills and experience to help with practical tasks (by volunteering time and labour) and perhaps to help secure grant funding, and help with local fundraising. These volunteers would bring new energy and thinking and by showing engagement with the community Dunbar Battery is an important part of local identity. People associate with buildings which give structure to our environment. Large historic buildings like this give the community an iconic structure, a symbol in which great pride can be invested and can provide a space where people can come together. A Friends group would provide a means for local people, to be involved in supporting what is an important building for them. There is a great passion and energy for history and this should be encouraged wherever possible. There is plenty that can be done and the possibilities are only limited by the energy and imagination of those involved. Many groups grow organically, usually from a group of people who know each other already. We need to identify the aims, responsibilities, objectives and methods for achieving them. We also need to ascertain the group’s relationship with the Harbour Trust

DHT need you to - • Send out flyers and put up posters and speak to people you know • have an informal gathering or event to attract potential friends • contact organisations who may know interested people (include local Councillors, members of local groups or the local school) • persuade local press and radio to do an article

To keep members engaged and supportive, you could use a number of ways to keep in touch: • Use the website, blog, Facebook or Twitter to share news, events, photos and much more and may bring in new members • set up a secure database of members email addresses as a quick and free way of disseminating information Once you get going, and attract new members you will start to get a picture of what is needed, what is wanted and the extent of skills and enthusiasm within your membership. Opportunities for activities and events will present themselves. A Friends group can provide an opportunity for all those interested in the Battery to contribute and provide for the costs required to maintain it.

If interested please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have any questions? Give us a call 01368 865 404