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The award of a grant of £25,150 from Marine Scotland will enable the Harbour Trust to build a new maintenance bay in Broadhaven. For the fishermen this will mean longer periods to work on boats when the tide is out and consequently more days at sea, plus safer access to the boats. 

Robin Hamilton undertook excellent work in raising the award of £25,150, a 50% grant towards the total cost of £50,300. The Harbour Trust will match-fund the other 50% of £25,150. The expectation is to finish by springtime.

Photos by Kenny Maule

Since 2016, Quentin Dimmer has been a well known face around Dunbar Harbour, but he now leaves us at the end of the year to take up a job servicing the windfarm industry off the East Coast. Quentin has developed strong relationships with all of those in the harbour community during his time with us, and probably will want to be remembered most as the champion of the marine environment, encouraging the next generation as well as current harbour users to be aware of how we can look after our harbour and the sea around it. We all wish him the very best in his new challenge.

Recruitment of a new harbourmaster

We are now looking to recruit our next harbourmaster and applications are invited between now and 10th January 2022. Application forms and further details can be obtained from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of the Brunton boats, Welcome Home, started the day one colour, then a second, then a third. Quick work considering that the tide limits the working-time.

They must use fast-drying paint.

Quiz: what colour did it finally end up? You can peer into the harbour to find the answer.

Photo credit Kenny Maule.

Goldfinch from Ipswich, a very new yacht, visited Dunbar Harbour for a couple of days. Their plan is to round Scotland this summer, overwintering in Largs marina and continuing back to Ispwich in 2022. Good luck with the Pentland Firth!

Photo credit: Kenny Maule.



Fit Form has been holding outdoor classes at the Battery recently, but now indoor fitness classes are also back! 

Laura says, “I am delighted to confirm that I will be returning to my indoor venues from 17 May - however outdoor bootcamps will still be on my class schedule at our fabulous new venues in East Linton and Dunbar. All COVID-19 guidelines are strictly adhered to for each class, making them as safe as possible for everyone involved. Laura has been a fitness coach for ten years, qualified in CYQ Level 3 Personal Training, Level 2 Exercise to Music and Level 2 Gym Instructing, and Active IQ Level 3 Exercise Referral and Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation. Phew!

Laura’s Website: https://www.fit-form.co.uk and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fitformuk

Photo courtesy Laura’s fb page.


Astronomers have compared these satellites’ appearance to a "string of bright pearls" moving steadily across the sky, with each launch containing some 60 satellites. Twenty-seven batches of Starlink satellites have been launched so far, with plans for them to eventually form a 12,000-strong constellation.

The streams of satellites are visible, high in the sky, for about 8 minutes, concentrated during the first hours then diverging slowly. For the next ‘ghostly visitation’, search


Nice photo from Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News


Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club launched just after midnight when Covid rules allowed ‘contact sports’ to resume.

Dunbar were the first skiff at sea out of the 150+ skiffs in Scotland. Our two skiffs rowed across Belhaven Bay, following the new moon to find the Poo Buoy, disturbing a few sleeping birds. Rowing in the dark between the rocks is good fun and gave a beautiful dark night punctuated by the ISS, clear stars and a long, eerie, illuminated streak of Starlink satellites (see next article)

Photo credit Pamela Maule

On 18 August 2019 about 70 miles north-east of Fraserburgh, the UK-registered trawler, Ocean Quest, sank as a result of an engine room flood. The source of the flood has not been determined however it was almost certainly a result of shell-plating or hull-weld failure. The crew tackled the flood with fixed and portable pumps but were not able to get the situation under control. The alarm was raised as soon as the flood was discovered. The crew were well-prepared for the abandonment and all were rescued safely by a coastguard helicopter.

Safety Issues

  • Flooding presents an immediate threat, and every effort must be made to pump out the floodwater. In this case, the crew followed their onboard routine for bilge pumping, which meant that sea suction valves were left partly open. This potentially restricted the bilge pumps’ effectiveness and, although this procedure may have been appropriate for bilge pumping, it was not appropriate during an emergency.

  • Training and drills help to prepare for emergencies. Ocean Quest’s crew had conducted regular abandon-ship drills so were well prepared for that phase of the emergency, and all were rescued safely.

  • Ultrasonic hull thickness measurement is only a sampling process and does not provide 100% coverage, so is not guaranteed to detect all areas of erosion.

No recommendations are made in this report; nevertheless, it should serve as a reminder to crew of the importance of being prepared for flooding emergencies. https://www.gov.uk/maib-reports/flooding-and-sinking-of-trawler-ocean-quest

Photo credit: from the MAIB report.


Ali Russell has returned to the harbour with Sno Cream Ices. He’s approved to appear daily but is most likely to appear on sunny days, so grab your opportunity when he’s here!

Some of Ali’s sundaes:--
snowball sundae
milkybar sundae
biscoff sundae
fruit sundae
oreo sundae
fudge sundae
caramel sundae
caramac sundae

FB page https://www.facebook.com/SnoCream-ices-2143613179221934/

Photo credit: Ali himself.

Open Doors Weekend, 29 and 30 May (9am to 5pm)  Be quick -- that’s this weekend!

The Harbour Chapel is an intimate, non-denominational, wedding venue for up to 110 people. The spectacular church space and elegant reception bar is perfect for weddings, ceremonies and celebrations, providing the truly unique experience of getting married and then celebrating in an atmospheric and historic space lit by magnificent, stained-glass windows. 

Beautiful banqueting tables can seat up to 70 for dining and a further 40 guests can join the evening celebrations. The chapel is soaked in history and retains all its original features; the scallop-shelled oak pulpit, balcony and ornate Victorian stained glass windows all contribute to creating this special sense of place.

This beautifully restored Historic Wesleyan Chapel is the oldest in Scotland and dates back to 1764. John Wesley preached here on twenty-one occasions and in 1770 he wrote: “In the evening I preached at the new house at Dunbar, the cheerfullest in all the Kingdom”

https://www.harbourchapel.com/           https://www.facebook.com/theharbourchapel/?ti=as

Photo credit: Euan and Fiona


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