Present:   A Swan (Acting Chair); S. Anderson; T.Band; B. Buglass; A. Mackie; K. Maule; M Brown (minutes) G. Lawson (Harbourmaster)

Apologies: B.Cleator; B Fisher; R.Hamilton; R Thomas ;  

Approval of Previous Minutes : The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Matters arising –

  • Harbour improvements update is available to read on the web-site

  • McArthur’s Stores locks are operational again

Health & Safety Items:

  1. Near Miss report on the Sea Breeze was discussed and action agreed. Inspection Record to be kept for the davits and remedial work was approved.

  2. Flood protection bags have been secured in case there is a March flood.

  3. External points to be fitted to power cabinets to give harbour users greater access to them without endangering the safety of third parties.

  4. Visitor’s bollard is to be replaced.

  5. North Wall stairs – a solution has still to be finalised.

Finance Director’s Report: tabled and reviewed.

DHMC Report: tabled and reviewed

  • Members need to be reminded of the terms of reference as this has not been done for some time.

  • Skips will be procured for the harbour clean-up in April.

McArthur’s Store report:

  • Rents for 2015/2016 will remain unchanged

  • It was noted that the light outside the front of the store had been demolished. The accident had not been reported.


Lamer Island:

  • Meeting with ELC has had to be re-scheduled because of ill-health

  • Meeting with Viridor on progress will take place this week.

  • Approval was given for the next steps to be taken on the Propellor Project

Wall Repairs:

  • Work has started and confirms that although large stones are in place there are large voids around them, similar to the findings that were confirmed last year in Victoria Harbour. The Cromwell Harbour wall is a warren of cavities.

  • The cost of the current work will be limited to the grant of £25,000 but every opportunity will be taken to raise more grant money to continue the work.


  • Chains have been sourced

  • Approval was given for the defective chains to be replaced at the next low tide.

Harbour improvements: Monthly update is on the web-site

Any other competent business:            

  • Open Day at McArthur’s Store will form part of Civic Week and will include a display of the Knitted Harbour

  • Chiller/freezer units – The Dunbar Fishermen’s Association will be given the clarification they have asked for with regard to the use of the Trust’s property for a nominal rent. The project has been submitted for planning approval and the Trust’s main concern was that the facility should be available for all Dunbar fishermen to use. Positive confirmation has been received from the Association on this subject in the past, so no problem is expected.