Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 12th November 2020


Because of the coronavirus, this meeting was held remotely via Zoom.



Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; John Band; Alastair Cook; Paddy Crerar; Eric Robertson

Paul Ingram; Kenny Maule; Robin Hamilton; Yvonne Wemyss; John Williams 



Quentin Dimmer 


1 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 8th October 2020 were approved.

Matters completed –

  1. The safety rail trial has been a success. A mild alteration is required so that nets do not get caught in the rail. A further request for grant funding has been made to support the extension of the trial and will be pursued further.
  2. Next stage of the storage analysis has been completed – see matters arising.
  3. The replacement notice boards have been costed. John Band asked for re-assurance that the extra cost of weather proofing was necessary, but past experience has shown that water ingress quickly damages notices. The higher specification will be ordered.
  4. The “Falling rocks” sign has been designed and will now be procured.

Matters still in progress –

  1. Design and cost of coal hirst branders- Robin is now involved.
  2. Harbour Bridge improvements (boards/plates)   
  3. Cold store drain – due after Maggie project completion  
  4. Costing of the new maintenance bay     
  5. McArthur’s Store Maintenance Schedule                                   


Matters arising –

Storage project:

The analysis shows that the trawlers require storage boxes for a variety of reasons. These boats are key to the success of Dunbar and its fishing industry, and further work is now required to find out how best to meet this storage need. Use of the area under the castle, previously identified as a picnic area or site for iconic art, might be better suited for work on nets.

Some of the boxes are on the harbour side, not for immediate use, but to support the net manufacturing and repair business, a skilled occupation that the Board agreed that it needed to encourage, but possibly with a different solution.

Further discussions are needed with the trawler owners to determine how best the Harbour Trust can meet their needs.

The proliferation of storage boxes and the space available in the safe haven of Cromwell Harbour means that Dunbar Harbour is now up to full capacity with regard to the larger fishing vessels. It was noted however that Homarus is currently up for sale, and that three of the other trawlers provide very little landing income for Dunbar.

Falling rocks sign:

In addition to the main sign, there will be a small sign on the bunkerapproaching the area, with the larger sign near the gate into the castle, this being the area that attracts most curiosity.

Terms and conditions 2021

There will be a late amendment to assist the Harbourmaster, viz.

The Trust shall be entitled to remove and dispose of any waste material, or goods of a dangerous, hazardous or poisonous nature found on Harbour Trust land and will recover the reasonable costs in respect of such removal and disposal from either the owner of the vessel to which the waste material or goods relate, or from the person leaving the waste materials or goods on Harbour Trust land. The Trust shall not have any liability in respect of, or as a result of, such removal or disposal.

2. Port Marine Safety Code

Incident Log Review

There was a review of the incident involving a diver in the Broadhaven who abused the Harbourmaster and alleged falsehoods against him. The CCTV film is available to confirm that there was no substance behind these claims, and it was agreed that, in such circumstances, the film should be downloaded and retained for a reasonable period in case it is needed in evidence.

The incident was reported to the police and the Harbourmaster was commended for his action, retaining an incident reference number. However, it was also agreed that a criminal report should be prepared in such circumstances. There is a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone abusing harbour staff.

The incident itself highlighted the folly of individuals who swim in the harbour, a risk that appears in all of the Trust’s safety reviews. These acts put the commercial fishermen in an invidious position, as it is not always possible for them to see these swimmers as they move into Victoria Harbour.

Risk Assessment Review

The following risks were assessed –

  1. Mooring failures
  2. Grounding on debris in the harbour

The assessments were approved with no amendments. 

History indicates that these are live risks, but the controls are genuinely in place to minimise the likelihood of them occurring.

It was noted that the efforts of the Harbourmaster have helped to keep the harbour basin clear of dangerous debris, and that the next Board walk-round of the harbour is now due.

3 Finance

October Report

  1. There was a Surplus of £1,165.15 in the month of October.
  2. Covid Emergency Grant income has come to an end. The only grant income in the month was from the East Lothian Council Partnership grant. No FLAG grants were received from our capital projects
  3. Fishing Fleet income  and Public Mooring income  was given back in the first half of the year. This income is now coming into the accounts for the last six months of the year.
  4. Landings were 53 % up in the month on the 19/20 level which is encouraging for our commercial boats.
  5. Sales of marine diesel were 30% down on last year’s October in value.
  6. Retail outlet income is the net income for the whole season. This income was deferred in our accounts until it became certain what the final position would be with the retailers.
  7. The Clinton Marine Survey debt has been cleared. There are no pressing credit control problems.
  8. £910 was spent in the month on the electrics around the Visitors’ Mooring.

Retail Plan 2021

The number of pitches for the planning application will be capped at 4 and could be utilised by semi-permanent or static units, e.g., Tasty Toastie. This would not include mobile units e.g., Sno Ice Cream, which visits daily 

A plan is to be drafted for planning purposes to define 4 allocated pitches as follows:

The advertised trading period will be seasonal from 1st April to 30th September only. Requests to trade outwith this period can be considered separately.

The seasonal trading fee will increase to £400 Inc. VAT (currently £300). This fee excludes any additional charge for facilities, e.g., power

Trading applications will be sought for 2021 by open invitation  via a press advertisement in December  2020.

All traders must seek approval to trade no matter unit type, including existing traders. However, priority will be given to existing traders who have given so much to the harbour.

 Applications will be assessed on:

Trading days/ hours will be flexible (day/ evening) and set by the Harbour Trust to ensure fair and consistent trade (Hours will be considered when applications are received)

Commercial applications:

Four proposals have been received and it was agreed that the proposition should be worked through with one preferred supplier as time was running out to trial such an idea in 2021. Chris Percy-Davis was chosen as the preferred supplier

It was agreed that it was important for any proposition to be based on the idea of promoting Dunbar Seafood, which should be readily sourced through all or any of Barry Buglass, Belhaven Lobsters or Bisset’s Seafood.

Blue Wild

Alan Stewart is looking for a more efficient operating platform and this subject has been referred to the Masterplan sub-group

4 Dunbar Harbour Management Committee

Matters raised by the DHMC, with no physical meeting being possible –


There is real disappointment from the fishermen at the lack of progress on this subject. The Blueprint drawings were submitted to East Lothian Council’s Building Control Department last June. ELC’s engineers are facing a large backlog and there is no indication when they plan to look at the harbour’s project. Without knowing what building control restrictions or requirements may be imposed the Harbour Trust cannot go out to tender or seek grant funding.

The harbourmaster is looking at a temporary mobile toilet option, but this may not prove to be affordable or deliverable.

Safety barrier:

The project has been met with general approval.

Time and tide:

Any old photos of the harbour will be appreciated for the exhibition.

Rodent control:

Scott Hood will be told of the rats in the Sailing Club, believed to be in the Dinghy Storage Area

5 Projects


AGT are about to start to concrete the access area.

The Scottish Power connection remains the blockage to getting a building completion certificate. David Brady has offered to see whether he can facilitate an early solution. A meter and isolator need to be fitted by SP.

It is hoped that the Trust can recover the grant monies before Christmas

Harbour Bridge

A trial service is being arranged with McTaggart Scott. The Harbourmaster and Robin will attend, and the hope is that McTaggart Scott will be willing and able to continue to look after the bridge going forward.

The Kcal report will be updated, and the Bridge sub-committee will meet again early in the New Year


The contractor has still to fix the wipers on the cameras.

There is a problem with the electricity supply between the fuel store and the harbourside cabinet. A replacement cable is required which David Brady will fix for the Trust.

The FLAG grant claims have been completed, and now will be submitted.

The main system is in the office. Requests to look at CCV films will go to the Harbourmaster. A form lies beside the monitor and must be completed to show who was looking at the film, when and for what reason. This rule applies to the police as well as anyone else.

6 Harbour Improvement Plan

Users’ Meeting

The meeting will be advertised for all to attend by Zoom on 10th December at 7 o’clock.

Kenny will circulate the slides in pdf format for all to comment on

Planning permission

Improvements that form part of the next three-year plan, plus the retrospective application for the North Wall gates will be discussed with Paul Zochowski, prior to the formal submission.

A plan of the improvements will be drawn up prior to the call with PZ.

7. Any other competent business


Paul encouraged all to sign up if they had not already done so.

Road repairs

The road surfaces will require some attention next year.

Rotary Christmas card

There is a fine Christmas card of Dunbar Harbour this year



8  Date of next meeting – Thursday 10th December – Users’ Meeting  7.00 p.m.