Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 8th October 2020


Because of the coronavirus, this meeting was held remotely via Zoom.



Alasdair Swan (Chair); John Band; Paddy Crerar; Eric Robertson

Paul Ingram; Kenny Maule; Robin Hamilton. 



Quentin Dimmer 

Apologies: Alastair Cook; Steven Anderson; Yvonne Wemyss; John Williams.


1 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 10th September 2020 were approved.

Matters completed –

  1. Terms and conditions for 2021 have been communicated to the DHMC. 
  2. Sewage problem at the Broadhaven has been solved by Scottish Water.
  3. Tenants have all been written to regarding the new licences for Danny Gallagher and Davy Brady in the McArthur’s Store compound.
  4. Meeting with the Planning Enforcement Officer took place and a way forward has been agreed.
  5. The Retail sub-group has met. They have also had a discussion with Chris Percy Davis.
  6. Details of the current employment arrangements for harbour staff and the grievance procedure have been circulated.
  7. A huge amount of work continues to have been given by the Dunbar Battery Volunteers.

Matters still in progress –

  1. Design and cost of coal hirst branders                                        
  2. Safety rail trial  - due October                                                              
  3. Harbour Bridge improvements (boards/plates)– due October     
  4. Cold store drain – due after Maggie project completion  
  5. Costing of new maintenance bay                                               
  6. Painting of store doors                                                  
  7. Storage analysis - we have not completed the first stage of the storage project (the analysis stage), so it is now urgent that the board see who owns which storage box, so that we can determine the current demand.             
  8. Cost of notice boards    
  9. Falling rocks sign
  10. Flagstones at Dunbar Battery – George Browns, Haddington

Matters arising –

Welfare Committee:

A Committee of three directors will be established, each with a finite term, (with the aim of a rolling succession so that knowledge is retained) . The role of the Committee will be “independent” of the line management relationship of harbour staff, to provide a way of giving assessment ( on pay , conditions , disciplinary matters), as well as giving the harbour staff a place to which any of their concerns might be escalated. The Chairman would not be on the Welfare Committee.

The initial welfare committee, subject to the absentee Directors agreeing to this, will be:

  1. Paddy Crerar          – 2021 to 2023 Chairman
  2. Yvonne Wemyss    – 2021 to 2022
  3. Kenny Maule          – 2021 for one year

Grievance policy:

This will now read – 

“If you have a grievance about your employment you should refer it in the first instance to your line manager. Thereafter you can escalate any grievance in writing to the Chairman of the Welfare Committee”.

McScott Bond:

Robin explained that MacScott Bond, who have looked after our harbour bridge for many years,  are undergoing a change in their business. Robin will discuss with McSB’s Managing Director whether they wish to continue to provide a service to Dunbar Harbour

2. Port Marine Safety Code

Incident Log Review

There were no major or minor incidents to report in September. 

Risk Assessment Review

The following risks were assessed –

  1. Cooking fire on board
  2. Crew working davits
  3. Falling off ladders

The assessments were approved with no amendments.

There have been no incidents under these three headings over recent years, so it was agreed that the conclusion of the risk assessments was in line with history.

External PMSC training

Details of forthcoming training courses have been circulated.


3 Finance

September Report

  1. The Surplus of £4,105 in the month of September was encouraging in these quiet times.
  2. Grant income is £46,877 to date. 
    1. £26,877 is from FLAG for the Maggie Stores project
    2. £10,000 is from the East Lothian Council Partnership grant
    3. £10,000 is from the Covid Emergency Grant
  3. Capital expenditure to date includes –
    1. Maggie Stores - £4,485 plus the £26,877 grant funded element
    2. CCTV - £8,644 with grant funding to come
    3. Leading lights - £5,700
    4. Visitors’ Moorings Electricity supply - £492
    5. Speed control kits - £416
    6. Harbourmaster phone - £150 
  4. Landings were almost at their 19/20 level but are 39% down year-to-date. We wait with interest to see whether the trade negotiations with the European Union have any detrimental effect on the supply chain for shellfish moving to Europe after December 2020.
  5. Sales of marine diesel were 35% down on last year’s September in value, partly as a result of the falling oil price. The volume of marine diesel sold (which determines the Trust’s revenue was 8.4% down in the month compared with 2019).
  6. Launching fees  and Visitors’ fees were marginally up on last year.
  7. The major Credit control issue centres round Clinton Marine Survey, a company that has been extended credit for marine diesel amounting to £1,710. Legal action will be taken if this matter is not resolved soon.


Terms and conditions 2021

These have now been finalised

Application Form 2021

The application form for next year has also been finalized.

Price tariff 2021

The price tariff for 2021 was agreed with additional increases for the commercial paddle board companies, winter hardstanding, and daily launch fees. The latter had been reduced for administrative convenience, but the use of a credit card reader will enable this charge to be set at a figure that does not require large amount of cash for change. We will also proceed with the Donations box project.

There was a discussion as to whether the winter hardstanding charge should be left at its current level or increased to a rate more in line with off-site storage. It was agreed that the proposed rate still represented excellent value for money for the boat owner but enables the Trust to move the price gradually  towards a more realistic rate.

It was suggested that two Directors might meet with two members of the Sailing Club committee to agree a way forward.

Retail Plan 2021

The Retail group recommended that a status quo should remain for 2021 - status quo being the provision of mobile, temporary retail units. This will enable time for the development of a Masterplan, consultation with the wider community and communication with existing retailers, with an anticipated substantive change to retail provision and policies in 2022. However, in considering the number of enquiries that were made by retailers in 2020 , the group recommend the following will be helpful to manage the process for 2021:

  1. An advert is placed in relevant media in December 2020, with an open invite to retailers to trade at the harbour with a closing date of 31st January 2021 (applications after this date will not be considered for 2021)
  2. Existing traders will be required to apply to ensure fairness and transparency
  3. A sub-group will consider all applications and make decision on retailer provision, by mid-end February, based on three categories:
    1. Desirability
    2. Product
    3. Benefit to harbour users
  4. Traders will be limited, and a pitch location agreed for the duration of the season
  5. Conditions may be applied to maximise trade and service provision for visitors, e.g. days and times of trade. Retailers will be expected to adhere to conditions.
  6. The fees for 2020 will be considered a the next meeting
  7. Planning permission will be sought in advance by DHT for designated pitches.

It was noted that Alastair Cook, in conjunction with the Retail Group, is drawing up a plan of all the possible mobile unit pitches, so that these can be submitted to East Lothian Planners.

It was noted that Rhona Bell and James Bisset have been stalwart supporters of the Trust for many years and have provided a service in foul weather and fair.

Commercial Application – Expressions of interest have been received from a number of commercial users. It was agreed that the Retail Group would give further consideration to these

4 Dunbar Harbour Management Committee

Matters raised by the DHMC, with no physical meeting being possible –

Cromwell Harbour branders:

Small branders on the south side of the harbour would increase the capacity of the harbour to house commercial vessels.

New safety barrier:

A trial section is being introduced this month.

McArthur’s Store

Danny Gallagher and Micky McLoughlin now have a larger container in the compound for Hot Works. Ally Lugton still has his Hot works container in the compound. David Brady will provide electrical services from a container in compound. There has been a request for a further container for  general storage in the compound, but this has been declined. There is little room for additional storage. Any superfluous items must be removed to create a small area for creel storage, provided this creel storage is kept tidy and clear of debris. Additional containers are not to be placed in the compound without the consent of Dunbar Harbour Trust.

Time and tide 2021;

Yvonne is looking for old photos and newspaper clippings for the exhibition. Some items are already confirmed in principle – the Exhibition, a drama production,  a visiting historic fishing boat from Anstruther. A funding application has been made to the Co-op.

5 McArthur’s Store



Licences have been issued to Danny Gallagher and Davy Brady.

Maintenance Schedule:

This will be reviewed and updated over the coming month

6 Projects


Still awaiting the Scottish Power connection.

Harbour Bridge

Progress is expected this coming month


The wiper blades are not working properly so the supplier is returning to remedy this (to provide a clear picture).

User groups have been identified but they cannot be enabled until we have improved the Broadband service.

The amended CCTV policy was approved as follows –


The use of CCTV cameras by the Harbour Trust will be limited to the property of the Harbour Trust. Any peripheral coverage of adjacent buildings will be incidental and from such a distance as to not interfere with privacy. All cameras will provide single aspect viewing, with no facility to pan, or tilt a camera to focus on an alternative area of the harbour or surroundings


As a charitable Trust, set up as a not-for-profit organisation, where any profit is reinvested back into the harbour, the Harbour Trust will be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. The Trust will also keep the police fully informed of the harbour’s CCTV capability.


The Harbour Trust is committed to the principles of the Data Protection Act and follows best practice for managing information.

The system is designed to operate, unmanned, with each camera focused on a predetermined part of the harbour.


The CCTV system is used for the purpose of monitoring the security of DHT premises, and harbour users property, ensuring public safety and that of its employees. It will also be used for the detection, investigation and prevention of crime and to monitor and record environmental policy fulfilment in and around the harbour.

Access to specific live video images will be given to selected harbour users solely for the purpose of monitoring their own property located on Harbour Trust land or in the harbour itself.

Selected live video images will be made available for ‘web-cam’ purposes to be displayed on the Dunbar Harbour Trust web-site.

Video footage from the CCTV cameras will be recorded and held for a maximum of 31 days except in the instance of a request for the recorded footage to be released to a third party , including the police and other law enforcement agencies, for the purpose of providing evidence of criminal activity.

All applications for release of any recorded material must be in writing, specifying a one hour time period and the purpose of the request along with details of the requester. Dunbar Harbour Trust reserves the right to withhold  the requested material if the reason given is not deemed to adhere to the purposes of the defined use of the CCTV system.

The Trust will also provide the opportunity to view limited footage to anyone who has been recorded, providing the person involved can specify the date and time he/she was on site. If required, this video material will be transferred to a suitable recording medium, supplied by the requester, for them to retain. Responsibility for this material will then pass to the requester unless also requested by a law-enforcement or other agency as part of any on-going investigations. The Harbour Trust will not retain this material past 31 days from origination unless required as part of any on-going investigation.

In all cases, any footage released must be signed for by the recipient who will also be required to provide full contact details.


The proper use of the CCTV system is the responsibility of the Dunbar Harbour Trust.

All access to the system whether it be for the purpose of viewing live or recorded images must be recorded in a log stating the individual(s) concerned, the material being viewed , whether live or recorded ( with details) and the purpose of the activity.

Where recorded images are passed to a third party the responsibility for the use and distribution of said material becomes that of the recipient. Transfer of images to a third party will only take place if deemed appropriate by the harbour Trust.

Access to the necessary ID and Password to access recorded material will be limited to the Harbour Master and two Trust directors, two of whom will have to give approval for the release or transfer of any recorder images.

Signage advising harbour users and visitors of the purposes and responsibilities of the CCTV system will be located at strategic points of access to the harbour.

7 Harbour Improvement Plan

Review of the second three-year plan for the years 2018 to 2020

A summary of the achievements over the last three years was approved.

Kenny will be converting this into a visual presentation for onward presentation


Draft for the third three-year plan for the years 2021 to 2023

The summary of the aspirational improvements for the next three years was approved.

These now need to be discussed with the different stakeholders.

Items added during the meeting included –

  1. Road surfacing on the south pier
  2. Cobblestone repairs at Cromwell Harbour

Users’ Meeting

A meeting will be scheduled before the end of the year which will be held via Zoom and will be open to all.

In addition to an open Forum, this meeting will pick up both the past achievements of the Trust and the plans for the future.

Planning permission

A planning application will be lodged, after consultation with Paul Zochowski, to cover all of the possible improvements. This will enable the Trust to move quickly when retailers apply for a pitch, or when grant monies become available for any of the improvements.

8. Any other competent business


Rotary World Polio Day – 24 October

It was agreed that Dunbar Battery would be lit up in purple to mark the day.

Recycling Centre

Rhona Bell is looking at the art of the possible.

The Harbour Trust has had a poor response from the public when it has tried recycling facilities in the past.

What If project

It was agreed that DHT will support this initiative.


Directors who wish to have a separate e mail address for harbour trust business should contact Andre Coner

Clean Air Day

Signage will be erected to support this programme, encouraging drivers to switch off their engines when their cars are stationary.


9  Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th November  6.45 p.m.