Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 10th September 2020


Because of the coronavirus, this meeting was held remotely via Zoom.



Alastair Cook; Steven Anderson; John Band; Paul Ingram; Kenny Maule; Robin Hamilton; Yvonne Wemyss (Chair)

Apologies: Alasdair Swan; Paul Ingram; Eric Robertson; John Williams; Quentin Dimmer (HM)


1. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th August 2020 were approved.

Matters arising & ongoing actions from previous minutes

Terms and conditions 2021

A draft document has been tabled and comments or suggested additions were sought. The document now needs to be placed before the DHMC for its consideration. The terms need to be finalised on or before the November Board Meeting.

Mooring Application Form 2021

An amended document was tabled and comments or suggested additions were sought. 

No comments were received and the application approved.

Price tariff 2021

Consideration will be given to the changes to next year’s tariff, particularly in regard to  commercial fees for Stand-up Paddle Board companies and launching fees.

The rate for winter hardstanding will also be reviewed.

Hardstanding area

A spirited discussion followed regarding the current boats on the hardstanding with the strong view that the hardstanding should be cleared every summer. 

2. Port Marine Safety Code

Incident Log Review

There were no major or minor incidents to report in August. 

It was noted that the Sewage incident was reported to no longer being an immediate issue following the removal of a “fat ball” and cleaning but pump would need replacing soon. 


External Audit Update 

Vessel Traffic Services/ Local Port Services – A risk assessment document was circulated. No comments were made and taken as approved.

3. Risk Assessment Review

The following risks were assessed –

  1. Loss of product onboard
  2. Fire or explosion
  3. Grounding alongside

No comments were received. The assessments were approved.

  1. Finance

September Report

  1. The Surplus of £2,206 in the month of August was significantly down on the equivalent figure (£6,100) in 2019. 
  2. Grant income reflected the ELC maintenance grant and the Covid grant.
  3. Landings were 58% of their 19/20 level. 
  4. Sales of marine diesel were 48% down on last year in value, partly as a result of the falling oil price. The volume of marine diesel sold (which determines the Trust’s revenue was 31% down in the month compared with 2019).
  5. Launching fees were £271 up in the month of August, compared with August 2019.
  6. There are no major credit control issues.
  7. Cash resources are beginning to be depleted with the demands of the major projects. The cash reserves are down by £38,000 from their May 2020 level. £31k can be attributed to the Maggie project, and £6k to the leading lights. Investment has also been made in Harbour Bridge signage and a speed ramp which should be up installed next month. 
    (Note. c. £27k grant repayment has been received for the Maggie project)
  1. Dunbar Harbour Management Committee

New Branders:

QD recommended the potential installation of branders to the Coal Hirst – AGT to provide a quote.

Day Trippers:

JB noted that certain daytrippers are not adhering to harbour guidelines re: use of creels, impacting on safety when in the harbour itself. AS to write to individuals reminding of their duty of care. 

McArthur’s Store

Little progress in the reorganisation of the McA St compound area. 
AC/AS to write a letter to all Store owners to set out proposals and requirement for tidy up, reallocations and formalise the new agreements prior to installation of containers. 

Safety rails along the South Pier

Design agreed – similar to Brodick Harbour in galv. tubular steel bolted to surface of quayside. AGT to install trial length of c. 17m asap. 

North Wall Steps:

3 Steps on the first steps section are to be replaced. AGT proposing a new solution which will be trialed in due course, allowing these steps to be re-opened.

Cold Store Drain:

Works agreed with AGT awaiting completion of Maggie Store in advance of these works. 

Harbour Bridge:

Loose boards and plate causing excessive clattering as traffic drives over. These are to be adjusted and new plates fitted once summer footfall decreases – early October pencilled in.

Maintenance Bay:

AGT to price up alternative designs for improving this facility, raising the level to allow more hours of work on boats. 

Bridge Gates;

The topic of installing gates on hardstanding side of bridge to prevent traffic going over to Battery side in bad conditions was raised again. Discussion resulted in general view that this was not worth it. 





Planning restrictions:

AS received an e-mail from Amelia Smith of ELC Planning stating that they had not received a response to a letter to PI re: Gates to North Wall being installed without PP. PI has received no letter – but response is required by 29 September. 

RH to forward information to SA and a Planning application is to be submitted. 
(Post meeting note - This may now be superseded by subsequent visit – to be clarified re: action re :application)


Advertising Policy

YW issued the proposal for approval. No comments were received and taken as approved. 

6 Projects


Shell of Stores is now complete – doors awaiting painting. 

AG Thomson due on site this month to complete the work when the level access is created for the stores. The pedestrian walkway will be restored with appropriate safety fencing. 

Grant awards submitted and funding received for Claims 2 (£17,918.40) and Claim 3 (£8959.20) respectively.


The project is on site this month and due to be completed by the end of September.

Claim to be submitted to EMFF once works complete.


7 Harbour Improvement Plan

Storage at the harbour

QD issued report on storage on the quayside. 
Unfortunately the report still does not show who owns how many storage units (potato boxes and pallets) and why these are needed is still outstanding and is the immediate priority.

Only once this information is available a site visit will be convened to review possible options moving forward.

The Harbourmaster is keen to keep the fishermen involved, so that a workable solution is arrived at.

Plan for harbour retailers

The sub-group has met three times.

The immediate priority is to develop a plan for the existing retailers (and any new pitches that might be sold) for 2021.  It has been agreed that YW writes a holding e-mail notifying existing traders that due to interest the application process will differ. Further detail will be issued when approved. 

Big Blu
Formal approach from Chris Percy-Davis for a semi-permanent unit on harbour land. The Group are to meet with CPD to discuss proposals further. 

His enquiry has been the catalyst to futher discussions over the future plans for the Trust regarding the potential for permanent food and beverage offer in the harbour area. Group to take this discuss on to the next stage. 

Painting of store doors

It was agreed that the doors will be painted in the standard dark blue colour. The Harbourmaster will organise this, and Eddie Johnstone should be contacted in the hope that his doors will be painted at the same time.

Notice Boards

John Band awaiting costs for the extension to the notice board.

Time + Tides of Dunbar

YW issued a paper on the current proposal for the celebration of Dunbar Fishing to be held in Summer 2021. YW has met with Pauline Smeed and fishermen and there is a general enthusiasm, so review and comments welcome before allocation of actions.


8. Any other competent business

Harbour Master

AS to advise Trustees on HM re: position, remuneration and roles and responsibilities. 

Trust raised its gratitude to the team of volunteers who look after the space annually and special thanks for the work undertaken this month on the re-seeding of the grass.

New flagstones are being procured.

9 Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 8th October 6.45pm