These notes provide information for potential applicants interested in serving as a member on the board of Dunbar Harbour Trust. The notes include a short introduction to the work of the Trust, an explanation of the role of board members and the qualities sought in applicants. Paragraph 6 explains how to apply.
Unsuccessful applicants may also be considered for relevant appointments in subsequent years.

1. Introduction

It is an important objective of Dunbar Harbour Trust to appoint candidates representing a wide range of appropriate experience to serve on the board. Therefore you should not rule yourself out from applying because you imagine that "you are not the kind of person" who is appointed to such things. On the other hand, it is also an important objective to appoint competent individuals suited to what are demanding positions. Therefore, you should only apply if you feel you have the qualities, skills and competencies sought in our advertisement (a copy of which is attached) at a level sufficient to take part in the management of this harbour. A process, which is open, is also competitive: it is not possible to recommend for appointment everyone who possesses the qualities described. Therefore if you apply, it is important that your application brings out clearly with concrete examples the level and depth of your achievement and experience as applicable to the qualities we are seeking in a new board member. Some people may find it helpful to ask a friend to read through their application and comment before submitting it.

2. How to use these notes

In paragraph 5 you will find an introduction to what qualities are sought in our board members. Do you feel you can make a valuable contribution to this work? If so turn to the notes attached which give information about our harbour and its operations. Please do not apply unless you have adequate time to give to the board.
To apply, follow carefully the directions in paragraph 6 of these notes. Because of the high degree of interest in appointments of this kind, unless your application closely follows these directions (and is received at the correct address by the closing date) it will not be possible for it to be considered.

3. About the appointment

As well as considering those who respond to the present advertisement, the board may also consider names from other sources. Experience, interests, location, amount of time available and other relevant information are important so that the best candidate can be selected.

The appointment is voluntary with no remuneration. The time spent on Trust business is left up to the individual but it is expected that sufficient time can be given to carry out the tasks set and agreed and to keep to appropriate timescales. Expenses such as telephone, postage and travelling on Trust business can be reimbursed.
Appointments offer opportunities to individuals who wish to contribute to the community and to the running and development of the harbour and its business. The opportunity may be to help run the harbour more effectively, to offer advice on a challenging and complex issue, broaden the board's approach by bringing a fresh outlook or new areas of expertise to discussions or to ‘project manage’ some of the tasks being undertaken by the Trust.

4. An overview of Dunbar Harbour Trust

Dunbar Harbour Trust (DHT) was formed to take on the running of the Dunbar harbours and to promote their development for the benefit of commercial and leisure users and as an asset for the local community. The area covered includes the Victoria and Cromwell harbours, the Broadhaven between the harbours, the castle at the west end of the Victoria harbour and all the quaysides, roads and jetties within a set boundary.
Dunbar harbour consists of a collection of some of the most historic sites in Scotland, two working harbours and a historic fisherman’s store. The users of the harbour range from commercial shell fishermen and day angling craft, leisure yachts, motor boats and day vessels, divers and day launch fishermen as well as many visitors both local and passing.
DHT has twelve directors and two employees, the Harbour Master and his assistant. Full board meetings take place every month, usually in the Meeting room of McArthur’s store. There is also a Harbour Management Committee that looks after the immediate running of the harbour. Many ‘projects’ are currently underway with a Trust Director nominated as the project manager. Recruitment and involvement in a project is purely voluntary on an interest and time available basis. Some of the projects currently active are: -

Development of storage facilities under the castle

Refurbishment of the Harbour Bridge

Reconstruction of the Broadhaven breakwater

These are only a few of the projects being worked on. More are being discussed and some are awaiting financial resources to become available.

5. Qualities sought in potential board members

Before an individual is appointed to the Trust, here are some of the things which need to be considered. (Knowledge or understanding of some of these items is not required before appointment):

• You must broadly agree with the overall mission of the Trust but be prepared to question hard the means of getting there; however you should not ignore or unreasonably oppose the views of the majority of board members.

• You may well bring specialist knowledge (of marketing or finance, for example, or as a harbour user or resident) but you must not represent functional or sectional interests;

• You must understand the constraints of the Trust’s relationship with the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions and of working within the guide to good governance for trust ports;

• You must understand the organisation of the harbour but not become too identified with it;you should not represent specific interests when acting as a board member.

• You must understand the legislative and statutory framework within which the harbour operates and the duties and obligations this places on the board;

• You must have a commitment to getting the best value for money, taking into account social objectives, for the Trust’s end customers;

• You must be prepared to spend time to do the job properly.

Here are some of the qualities that are being looked for in the successful applicant. Your letter should contain enough detail, by way of examples, to show that you possess these qualities:

• You are capable of achieving results in demanding situations. These can be in a career or in unpaid (such as voluntary) work or in your personal life.

• You have the ability to contribute effectively in group discussions involving a wide range of people, including specialists and professionals. You are able to forge strong working relationships with other members of the board and harbour staff. As a team player you are able to share knowledge and views with fellow board members while abiding by the view of the majority.

• You are capable of overcoming difficult circumstances to progress tasks or projects through to a satisfactory conclusion.

• Your application should make clear the level and depth of your experience which demonstrates your knowledge and interests relevant to this post.

6. How to apply

Your application needs to comprise the following:

• The last five pages of these notes, detached and completed in dark ink;

• A letter not exceeding two pages answering the four requests listed below

• The names, addresses and brief details of two referees who know you well but are not personally connected to you and can assess your potential to contribute to the board.

Please type your letter or submit it in very legible handwriting in dark ink.
Your letter will form the basis for discussion during the interview.

· What are your reasons for wanting to become a director of the Trust?

· What will you be able to contribute to the work of the Trust?

· In conjunction with the previous question describe your skills and/or knowledge that you can contribute that will be of value to the Trust. Summarise any specialist or management experience or local knowledge which you think particularly relevant to the work of the Trust.

· Describe something you have been closely involved with in the past that will support your application (this could be work related or hobby/interest or personal).

Address your application to:

Alasdair Swan,
EH42 1HB

NB. The content of unsuccessful applications will remain confidential.

The closing date for applications is 1st March 2019
Applicants will be interviewed in March by a representative of East Lothian Council, by the Chairman or his nominee and by a local member of the community.

Individual records shall be kept for a maximum of three years, in line with the maximum length of the appointment cycle. Information held by the Trust about individuals in connection with appointments to the Trust shall be fully in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1984, that is to say: -

• Personal data shall be held only for the purposes specified in this guidance, and will be relevant

• Data shall not be used or disclosed in any manner incompatible with the appointments process

• All data shall be accurate and kept up to date

• Applicants shall be entitled, at reasonable intervals and without undue delay, to have access to data held and to have data corrected or erased where appropriate.

• Appropriate security measures shall be taken to protect personal data against unauthorised access, alteration or deliberate or accidental loss or destruction.



Please complete both pages of this form clearly and in CAPITAL letters. Attach your letter and the details of the two referees you have selected and send to

Alasdair Swan,
EH42 1HB


Title First Name Surname
Date of Birth Nationality
Address for Correspondence

Post Code e-mail (if applicable)
Contact telephone number


Position Held
Name of Employing (or previously employing) organisation
This Employment is Current Yes / No (please delete as appropriate)
This employment finished (or finishes) on


Please help us monitor the effectiveness of our equal opportunities policy and our advertising by completing the following details. These do not form part of your application and will be treated in strict confidence.
I learned about these appointments from:
I am
male / female I consider myself
disabled / not disabled
I would describe myself to be of the following ethnic origin:


Caribbean including UK / African including UK / Other (specify)


Indian / Bangladeshi / East African / Pakistani / Chinese

Other (specify)


European including UK / Other (specify)


I have read the information provided about these appointments. In addition to the information requested, I have disclosed in my accompanying letter any other information which is relevant to my suitability as a public appointee - for example any convictions or bankruptcies or anything, such as business interests or personal relationships, which might lead to a question of a conflict of interest. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information, which I have provided whether in this form or in any accompanying papers, is accurate and not misleading. I realise that failure to disclose relevant information or the provision of inaccurate or misleading information may result in an appointment being summarily terminated.

Signature Date


Personal Details

Date of Birth:

Private address:

Business address:


Have you changed your name? YES/NO If so, please give details
Other Relevant Information
Any appointee to the trust could find that matters or incidents which previously attracted no attention could become matters of public interest once the person concerned holds public office.

If the answer to any of the following questions is "yes" please provide details on a separate sheet. Have you
• ever been convicted of any offence (other than minor motoring) which is not spent in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974?
• any charges outstanding
• become bankrupt in the past ten years?
• been dismissed from any office or employment in the past ten years?
• ever been disqualified from either acting as a company director or in the management of a company?
• ever been a director, partner or manager of a company which has gone into liquidation, receivership or administration?
Are there any other relevant facts to declare which you feel might be raised in public in future in relation to your suitability to hold the appointment for which you are being considered, for example because they could be presented as a conflict of interest? YES/NO

Other Business Interests
Current employment details:

Please state whether there are any companies, partnerships, or other organisations:
• in which you or members of your family or close associates have shares or securities with a nominal value of more than £25,000 or 1/100th of the total issued share capital;
• of which you are or have been a director or partner in the last 10 years;
• of which you own more than 50% whether or not you are a director or partner.
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please give details on a separate sheet.

Other Appointments
Have you any other current public appointments paid or unpaid? YES/NO Please give details if “yes”.

Other Interests
Are you a member of any political party, club or closed society (such as the Freemasons)? YES/NO Please give details if “yes”.

Do any of your close family or associates have pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests that relate closely, or could be construed as relating closely, to the Dunbar Harbour Trust's activities? YES/NO If yes please provide details on a separate sheet.

You are required to notify the Dunbar Harbour Trust of any other information that you consider relevant to an assessment of your suitability as a trustee. For example you must declare any associations, convictions, bankruptcies or other appointments that might lead to allegations of a conflict of interest and to report any significant change in the future to the information provided here.

I certify that the information given above is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I also certify that, if appointed to the Dunbar Harbour Trust, I will inform the chair immediately of any change of circumstances which would result in a "yes" answer being given to any of the above questions if they were put to me.